Nouvelle Vie is a comprehensive treatment center with a wellness approach that aims to detoxify and modify lifestyles in people with addiction problems, post-traumatic stress and depression. We are a warm, harmonious and professional place who provides quality service.


Support people to overcome depression, anxiety, PTSD and addiction processes in their lives, with the help of holistic, homeopathic, herbal and alternative tools


Generate an effective holistic program for the interpersonal evolution of the human being. Implement the Hartman method structure in all programs.



  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Learning and adaptability
  • Human quality
  • Social responsibility
  • Quality
  • Passion


During years of work, analysis and protocols in holistic and wellness programs for personal optimization, we understood the need for a comprehensive CUSTOMIZED program in which the professionals involved work as a unit to achieve the patients goals.

Our goal is to be one of the best holistic centers in America that offers comfort, quality service and professionalism, preaching well-being and the holistic philosophy for human being optimization. We provide personalized programs focused on each individual’s needs to achieve their integral health.

Helped by a balanced diet with specific goals (detoxification and recovery). The implementation of activities that promote the connection with the inner and outer self (Meditation, yoga, reiki).

Creating a safe space, without sacrificing holistic and alternative processes.


Highly trained and humane staff.


My experience working at Nouvelle Vie has been amazing. I have been able to grow both spiritually and emotionally here. Having the opportunity to be a part of another beings journey and process into a life changing experience is beyond words. This place feeds my soul and makes coming to work enjoyable and fulfilling. I’m truly blessed to be able to call my team, my family!


I like working at Nouvelle Vie because I find transference and human quality, the way each patient is cared for with empathy and respect, they make it much easier in the process for the goal of their recovery to be achieved.

The work environment is the best I have ever worked in you are adopted as part of the team immediately.

I’m proud to be part of this beautiful project that allows me to collaborate in the process of changing lives!!


I am very happy to be part of this team and I am lucky in the area in which I work because I like to cook and I enjoy cooking for our patients since that makes me be part of their recovery cooking with a lot of love.

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