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Our treatment program is designed to make the challenge of withdrawing from substances as safe and comfortable as possible through a holistic healing approach. Over the past 10 years, our staff has worked with thousands of others seeking changes in their lives, and we have seen consistent results. Ibogaine makes the transition so much easier, and for some, finally possible. Our patients report significant reductions in withdrawal (usually 90% or more), sustained reductions in cravings, and numerous long-term improvements in different aspects of their lives.

These changes are so profound that it has completely changed the way we think about addiction. Ibogaine can help establish the foundation for a new approach to life.

Nouvelle Vie Holistic Center

Comfortable &

We are a low volume specialized holistic healing center, which means that all of our treatments are private and highly personalized.

Experienced Multidisciplinary Staff

Our medical team and on-site therapists draw from a decade each of experience working extensively in ibogaine treatment.

Integral Approach to Recovery

We offer nutritious foods, exercise, IV nutrional therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, bodywork, recovery coaching, and aftercare planning.

24/7 Comprehensive Medical

We offer comprehensive on-site medical screening and supervision with a commitment to the highest standard of safety.

Comfortable & Private Holistic Healing Center

Nouvelle Vie is a premiere ibogaine treatment facility, among the most experienced and medically supported clinics in the world, and one of the most recognized ibogaine treatment centers in Mexico. With more than 10 years of experience with the most reliable addiction drug treatments. We are located along the beautiful Pacific coastline just south of San Diego. The facility is protected by 24-hour security and offers various therapeutic amenities.

Enjoy culinary and cultural delights while you carry out your ibogaine treatment in Mexico.


Hyperbaric chamber for addiction recovery


Currently, drug abuse is a constant problem which is the cause of thousands of deaths and serious health effects. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that there were nearly 35,000 deaths...

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