Psychospiritual Program 7 days

Psychospiritual Program
7 days

The 7-day psychospiritual program is aimed at those with PTSD problems, anxiety and minor depression.
It is a short program that focuses on the treatment with medicinal plants such as Ibogaine or Ayahuasca, the support of psychotherapy, yoga, meditation and other integrative therapies.

Detox Program 10 days

Detox Program
10 days

The 10 DAY DETOX program is focused on people with drug dependencies or drug addictions. Its objective is the interruption of substances that generate withdrawal syndrome.
It is a comprehensive program that seeks to stabilize destructive addiction processes and focus on self-knowledge and self-care.

Open Program + 10 days

Open Program
+ 10 days

The open program is designed for people who only seek the experience of the medicinal plant without having an agenda and a focus on self-knowledge or self-care.
This program is flexible in time and therapy, which makes it very attractive for people looking for something a little different in structure.

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